To associate the Addon Group with Product Addons, follow the below steps:

Step-1: On the Getting Started Page → Click on Addon Tab – Choose Product Addons or Collection Addons

Step-2: Click on + Create Addons option

Step-3: Select Master ProductEnable Group Addon (on the left – Toggle to enable)

  • Select Master Product ( for Product Addon) – here we have associated the group with product addons or Select Collection (for Collection Addons)

Step-4: On activating the Group Addons, you will see an option to Select Groups (as per the above snapshot) → Choose the required Groups (already created groups – if not created, click here) → click Select

Step-5: Click Save to apply the changes

Now check the addons group associated with the master product in the store. The Group will look alike as shown in the snapshot.

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