This feature allows adding custom descriptions to the Product variants/combinations of variants. You can display custom descriptions like shipping information, variant details and various other information related to the individual product variants.

To Configure the description for product variants, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the EVS app, click on Variant description click on the “+ Create” button

Step 2: Search and select a product then click on the “Next” button

Note: you can search for products either by name or by URL

Step 3: Click on the variant and add the description then click “Save”

Step 4: Variant Description functionality can be integrated in 2 ways:

Activate the variant description functionality by clicking on Add App Block

Step-by-step guide for Variant Description configuration

Use Case:
Showing different shipping times or availability information, providing variant sizing information, displaying variant materials or fabrics, and differentiating between different kits or combo packages⁠—there are many use cases.

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