This feature allows you to add your custom colour/ specific image to display them on swatch options.

To customize the Suboptions “Color” into a custom image swatch then kindly follow the below steps.

– In the App, click on Option Configuration.

  • To configure the Color/Image swatches for the Color option on the Product page, click on the product option in swatch configurations. (For the collection page configuration follow the same process after enabling the setting – Show swatches on collection products)
  • Select the required style (Circular/Square), in type select Color/Custom Image
  • Click on the Upload Swatch button – choose the Color/Image for the required sub-option and click on the save button.

To configure the custom colours and images, you can refer to the markings below.

  • Colour: choose the required colour manually in the colour picker or add the colour code in the colour picker to show the required custom colour in the swatch.
  • Image: upload images from the device to show the custom image in the swatch.
  • Image URL: add the image in the Enter URL to show the required custom image in the swatch.

Note: when you add a custom colour/image, tick the checkmark beside the added colour/image to save and activate the custom colour in the store.

Step-by-step Video guide for configurations