Manual Switcher: Store owners can enable a manual switcher that allows users to access their native or global store with the help of a floating button.

Manual Switcher– Rule configuration

To create a manual switcher, please follow the steps below:

Step-1: In the GeoIP Switcher → Click on Create Switcher.

Step-2: Click on + Create to create a Manual Switcher 

Step-3: In the Create Rule 

→ Enter the Switcher Name 

→ Add the Display name and the required URL (to be displayed in the Switcher popup)

→ Add a new row to add another store in the switcher (if required)

Step-4: Toggle to enable the Preserve Path setting (if required) – The setting will keep the user to stay on the same destination page URL (if available) in the destination store. 

Step-5: Click on Create Template (Choose from pre-designed templates and customize the selected template in the editor as shown below) → Click Save.

Step-6: Click Save Rule to create the Switcher.

Now the manual switcher is configured and is ready for use. The switcher will look the same as shown in the attached snapshot.

In case any assistance is required in switcher customization, please feel free to reach out to us at