You can allow access to your to some blocked visitors by whitelisting their IPs or pages so that can access your store.

For Whitelist IPs Setting

Go to redirection rule > Click on Edit in the redirection rule > Click on Whitelist > Enter Comma Separate Multiple IPv4 IP Addresses and click on save button.

This will now ignore the rule for the mentioned IP addresses and allow visitors to view the store site without getting redirected as per the rule set.

For Whitelist URLs Setting

Go to redirection rule > Click on Edit option in the redirection rule > Click on Whitelist > click “Add new Whitelist Rule” and click on the save button.

By this, the mentioned URL will not get redirected for any visitor from the country for which a rule is set. getting them redirected as per the rule set.

There are 2 ways to set up the whitelist rule for blockers in the app:

a) Exact: You need to input the exact same URL which you want to whitelist. It can be used in the case of whitelisting any sole URL like the “contact-us” or “about-us” page.

Let’s say you want to exclude the “contact us” page from being blocked. Simply Add the precise URL and select the type “Exact“.

bContain: This option will allow you to exclude multiple URLs by simply using the keyword. You need to input the keyword. So, if the URL contains this keyword, the blocking rules will not be triggered.

Let’s say you want to exclude every URL containing the keyword “test“. Simply add “test” and select the type as “Contain“.