Here are some quick questions that you may check if you face issues with Country Redirect

What is Country Redirect

Country redirect helps you redirect visitors to their respective/dedicated store based on their country IP. To understand rule creation in the app Watch This Video

Are there any options for redirection types?

You can choose to auto-redirect visitors or set up a pop-up/banner for the redirection.

Choose Type from the Redirect Type option while creating the rule.

Can I set different redirection types to different rules?

Yes, you can set up rule-based redirection types for every rule. Learn more on Enable Rule Based Redirection Type from here

Can I prevent redirection for specific rules?

Yes! You can prevent the redirect from specific rules using white list settings.

To know more Click Here

Can the app remember customer choice when displaying a popup confirmation box?

Yes! With our Remember Customer’s Choice feature, you can save customers’ choices and avoid popups on customers’ recurring visits. To understand more Click Here

How can I set UTM parameters for URLs?

When creating a rule you can set UTM parameters through Analytics (UTM) setting. To know more Click Here

How are the Global White list setting and White list setting in the rule different?

The whitelist setting applies to all rules created in the app whereas the rule-based whitelist applies to that particular rule only.  To understand this setting Click Here

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