Country Blocker – Exception-Based Rule

With the Country Blockers’ Exception-Based Rule, you can give access to a specific page to the blocked country visitors in your store.

Using Whitelist URL

Let’s understand the configuration with the help of the below example:

You have two stores; one is a US store and the other one is a Global store.

Now you have a rule in the Blocker to block Australian visitors to access your US store.

In the above case, you can create an Exception Based Rule, to give access to Australian visitors to a specific informatory page created for them in the US store.

Now edit the blocker rule and go to the whitelist section. Here you can give access to that Specific page using the Whitelist URL option.

You need to add that specific page URL in the whitelist URL option with the exact type and save the rule.

Now when an Australian visitor lands on the US store, they can only access that specific informatory page the complete store.

Using IPV4

Using the IPV4, you can give access to certain users/members of your team to access the blocked store for testing.

For the above, you need to edit the blocker rule, then go to the Whitelist section and add the Public IPV4 of the user/member in the IP section and save the rule.

Now the user/member will be able to access the store hassle-free.