Here are some quick questions that you may check if you face issues.

What is Country Blocker?

Country Blocker allows you to block access to your site from certain countries/IPs

To understand how to create a block rule Click Here

Are there any options for blocking types?

You can choose the block type by country or by IP. Choose type from General Setting’s option while creating the rule.

Can I set a custom message for blocked visitors?

Yes, you can set up using our pre-designed templates or create your own templates with our easy editor Learn More

Can I allow some users from the block location to access the store?

Yes, you can allow certain users to access your store while they are on the block country/IP list using the white list settings. Check Here   

My analytics are showing discrepancies.  

You will still see visitors from blocked countries in Shopify or Google analytic reports, but these are just visit attempts that got blocked immediately.

Where to contact for any issues?

If you are stuck anywhere using the app, reach us at