We have multiple types of configurations available for you to display swatches. Just go to
Appearance and configure the swatch styles as per the requirement.

You can configure swatch styles for Products and for Collections

Let’s Understand Product Page Swatches in this with a Quick Video

In the Appearance we have options:

Template Library – In this section, you can edit the swatch styles by using the editor. Also, you can check the swatch styles that apply to which product variant option in the store.

Dropdown Style for Variant Options: In this section, you can choose to set a default style for the options, for whom you have not configured the swatch styles.

Advanced Setting: In this section, you can arrange the position of swatches on the product page with the help of a selector.

You can pick the selectors manually from the store and place them in this section and choose to display the swatches after, before, Inside & outside the selectors

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