How to integrate the app?

Integrating the Swatch app is a very quick 2 step process

Step 1 – Go to Online store > Themes > Customize > App embed (on the right side) > Enable the Easy Variant Swatch and click save.

Step 2 – Go to the Swatch app and click on Dashboard > Themes (select your store’s theme)> click Save

If the theme is not listed here, email us on

How to choose the swatch style to display variant options?

We have multiple types of configurations available for you to display swatches

Just go to Option and configure the swatch styles as per the requirement and if you face any issues, please inform us.

Does the app have any default swatch options?

Once you finish the 2-step auto integration default style swatches are configured on your store.

To check Go to Appearance >Default style for options and select the required style.

Can we modify the swatch appearance?

It is very easy to customize the swatches as required

Go to Appearance > My Template Library (Explore/Edit Template) or you can configure the templates as per the requirement.

How to disable the app?

You can easily turn off the app without affecting your setup and use it again once you are ready to use it.

Please go to Swatch app > settings > Toggle to enable/disable the Global Enable/Disable option and click Yes.

For any assistance feel free to reach us at

How to Uninstall the app?

To cancel the subscription and uninstall the app, please go to your Shopify Store Settings > Apps & Sales Channels and click on the ‘Uninstall’ option in front of the app.