In this article, we will cover what are Exception based rules and how can you create.

What are Exception based rules and What is the Use Case?

Let’s consider a scenario:

You are running two stores. Once for the US audience and one for Global Audience. Now here is what you want to achieve.

  • Ensure that all the global visitors coming to your US store are redirected to the Global store.
  • Ensure that US visitors are not redirected.

The above can be easily achieved using the GeoIP country Redirect App.

To create this type of exception-based Redirect Rule we need to add all countries excluding US in the rule.

For this, we need to click on “Add All countries” button under the “Select Visitor Countries“, it will add all countries in a single click.

After that, you need to remove ‘US’ (United States-US) from the country list.

Now complete other steps and fill all required fields and create the rule.

It will redirect the rest of the world excluding US to the respective store as per your setup.

If you want to create this type of redirect rule for all visitors belonging to specific continents, then you can add Alpha-2 codes of all countries with respective continents.
See all Alpha-2 country codes

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