Our App allows you to use a global redirection for the redirect rules created in the app, you can either configure display (Popup/Banner) settings or can set up Auto-redirection.

The following article explains how to set up the redirection type of the individual rule, which will enhance your redirection experience with multiple rules.

Why need a rule-based redirection type?

If you have multiple rules and want to apply separated redirection types for each rule, especially while you are using popup/Banner.

Benefits of rule-based redirection type!

  • You can set up individual redirection types for every rule.
  • You can customize the contents in Popup/Banner according to your redirect rule’s requirement.

How to set up rule based on redirection type?

You can choose between display-based (Popup/Banner) and Auto Redirect.

Follow the below steps to setup:

1. Go to Redirect Type Settings”

2. Choose Redirection Type from the dropdown under the “Choose Type” to Display Based Redirection

3. If you want to customize the contents and settings of the popup/banner for this rule then click on the “Customize” button.

4. Choose the display type from the top bar “Select Display Type” dropdown between popup and Banner as per your requirement.

5. You can update contents and settings here.

6. Click on the “Done” button on the right side of the top bar once you finish customization.

7. Now you can save the rule from the rule creation wizard.