To ignore a rule and prevent redirection (bypass redirection) you just need to use the parameter no_rule=true in the URL and that’s it. The app will not trigger the redirect rule for that specific visitor until he does not close his browser’s window.

Now you can bypass the redirection using a custom rule

This means you can replace no_rule variable with any variable as per your choice.

To do this go to App Settings> Bypass Redirection>Add your variable>Save

Now add the required variable and hit SAVE.

So, you will get a new bypass variable to add to your link like ?stop=true which you can add to your URL to bypass (ignore) the redirection rule.

For Example :

  • If your site URL already has some parameter in the URL such as UTM tags (Ex:

You need to add ?stop=true parameter by using the “&” to separate the parameter.

Note: Once the visitor will bypass the redirection by using URL the parameter they will be excluded from the redirection until his browser’s session does not end.

*Available to new installations only

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