To know your Google Analytics Tracking ID, log in to your Google Analytics account:

  1. Click Admin
  2. In the Property column, click Property Settings.

The “UA-” ID appears at the top of the Property Settings page.

tracking id

If your Tracking ID does not appear on the Property Settings page

If you are unable to see a Tracking ID, you have a Google Analytics 4 property that does not have a Tracking ID. If you need a Tracking ID (i.e. an ID that begins with “UA-“), you will need to create a Universal Analytics property instead, from the Universal Analytics property option under Show advanced options. Once you have created a Universal Analytics property, you can follow the instructions above to find your “UA-” Tracking ID.

Google Analytics 4 property. Find Measurement ID (i.e. “G-” ID)

  1. In Admin, have the desired account and property selected.
  2. In the Property column, click Data Streams, and click your web data stream
  3. Your “G-” Measurement ID appears in the upper right portion of the panel
measurement id

Hope this helps