This will fix the final/destination URL Mismatch for ad campaigns

If you are using an auto-redirect for your store and also running Google ads for your stores, then there are chances that Google may disable your campaign because of a destination URL mismatch error.

Because redirects may cause destination mismatch of what page customers intended and where they’ll land after clicking an ad.

How to manage this with the GeoIP Country Redirect app?

Well! the problem is due to auto-redirection so we have equipped our app with a unique feature to overcome the final/destination URL mismatch for Google ads.

This can be done by disabling the auto redirection for only those visitors coming through ads.

All other visitors coming via any means other than ad campaigns (Like direct, organic search, or other links) will be redirected normally through the chosen option (i.e. Auto-Redirect or Ask for Confirmation).

Just go to our app’s Settings>Campaigns> Enable Campaign Intercept>Click the toggle to go green.

geoip campaign setting

Now select what you want to show these customers coming from ads- a banner or a popup box asking to redirect (Yes/No) or simply ignore rule and don’t redirect.

With this, the Google ads will not be affected due to redirection and you will get accurate Google ad analytics without final/destination URL mismatch

We recommend you keep this option enabled while running the ads.

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