Updating the new speed-up and replacing the old speed-up is quite simple.

You can do this easily by following the below steps:

Step #1 – Go to  Online Store under the Shopify admin.

Step #2 – Select Actions (Current theme) and click “Edit code”.

Go to your store’s theme section and click on theme editor and select Edit Code

Step #3 – Find the theme.liquid file and search “spice” in the search bar.

Note: Speed up is mostly added to theme.liquid file, however, if you are unable to find it, please contact us at our support id

Select the speed-up code, delete and press Save

To install the new speed-up snippet please follow the below path:

Go to your Theme>Customize>Theme Settings>App Embeds> Addons Speedup>Save

You are all set to go….

If you face any difficulty please contact us at help@spicegems.com