Welcome to Easy Product Addons

To display add-ons on the product and cart page, you just need to follow the below steps.

For activating the app in your Live/Unpublished theme, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click on Activate App Embed (it will take you to your live theme) → Click Save (on the left side) → Go back to the app again

Note: The App embed is a mandatory step for addons visibility on the product/cart page.

For testing add-ons in any unpublished theme, you can manually go to the App Embed section in the unpublished theme and activate the addons Speedup, and test the addons.

Step 2: Here you are required to choose the pages where you want to display addons in your store:
–  Product Page
–  Cart Page

Step 3: Now create addons with individual products or for collections as per your requirement.

Your addons are now configured and you can check the addon on the product page.

How to create addons in the app?

Kindly Note that when you save any settings or create add-ons, the app script takes a while to update on the live store.

Sometimes, due to the multi-layered themes, auto installation may get affected and we need to find and add CSS selectors in the app’s Advanced Settings Section.


==> You can create addons with unpublished/draft products but only active products gets displayed as addons on the front store. 

==> Our app pushes the addons to the cart page by the action of the Add to Cart button.

==> It is not possible for now to push the addon by the action of the dynamic checkout button “Buy It Now” because when someone clicks on it then they will redirect to the checkout page, which totally handled by Shopify.

==> When you change/update the product URL handle of any product you have added as addon, then you are required recreate those addons in the app.

If you face any difficulty please contact us at help@spicegems.com