The discount feature in the addons app gives you the freedom to sell addons at a discounted price with the main product in your store. The discount works in 2 ways in percentage (%) and in amount.

Below are the steps to enable the feature and apply discounts on the required add-on products.

All you need to do is Go to Settings > Click on App settings and follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Discount Settings and Select “Yes” to enable Discount and Select your Theme

Step 2: Go to General Settings and select the min/max setting and press “Save”

Understanding the min/max setting:

Please note that this will be effective on the cart page

The min/max setting will display the maximum or minimum discount for the addon product on the cart page.

This setting is applicable if the same product is an addon for two or more master products.

Let us understand this with an example:

Suppose you have master product A and C and B is the common addon for both A and C Now, you have applied 20% discount on B addon with Master product AAnd 30% on B addon with master product C.Now when you have opted to apply max discount then, when a customer adds both A and C master products with B as addon on both masters, the applied discount will be 30% and not 20%. Likewise, if we select min discount then in the same case above the applied discount would be 20% and not 30%.

Step3. Go to Discount Label and add your Label & press “Save”

The above steps will enable a discount on your addons.

Now you can set the discount: Go to Addons> Product Addons>Discount

When you click the   button a discount a window will open as below:

From here select your discount type either % (Percentage) or in amount mention your value and click Save

The button under the ‘Discount’ head will turn green once the discount is applied.

Now you are all set. Go for it now and enjoy higher sales when a customer adds more products with discounts.

Important points to note:

  • The discount will apply to product addons only and NOT to Collections
  • The discount will be applied to all the addons products associated with a master product
  • If there is any master product available on the cart page for which a discount rule has been created then the collection addon will not be showing as cart addons.
  • Other discounts, coupons, Shopify discount may not work with addons discount
  • The discount label is visible on the check-out page under the addon product title.
  • You can change the discount label. Go to Settings>Discount Setting>Discount Label (Change text)>Save
  • If you face any challenges please reach us at: