Presenting you with a customized text field for addons. It gives your customer the freedom to add a message to your addon product.

The message may be a gift card, a name, a number on a t-shirt or anything you can think of.

Let’s see how to set up this.

Step 1: Activate the Additional Text Field and label the settings

Click on the toggle button in front of the “Text Field With Addons” and click on “Save“.

If you want to display the label for the text field you can also enable the toggle button in front of the “Label With Text Field” and click on “Save

Step 2: Next, you need to select the addons for which you want to display additional text fields.

You can choose the addon while creating or while editing, you will see the select boxes in the “Text Field” column just ahead of the addon image.

This will enable a text box right below your addon product as below:

This will enable your customers to add a message to the addon product.

It can be a greeting, an instruction, a name to be printed in the product, a message to the receiver or anything that might need additional inputs.

 So, get on with your message on addons and personalize your customer experience.

  • Some use cases for Addons Message Box
    • Add a message to an addon greeting card
    • Personalized message card
    • Name and message on Cake
    • Message on bouquet
    • Print number or name on T-Shirt
    • Delivery instructions

You can also change the text of the label and placeholder for additional text fields.

1) Go to Settings > Label Settings > Additional Test Field

Change the text for the label and placeholder as per your requirement and click on “Save

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