To speed up the Automatic Redirect, you need to enable our app extension under the App Embeds in the Theme editor.

1:- Go to the Online store > Themes under the Shopify Admin.

2:- Click on the Customize button in the Current theme section.

3:- Click on the Theme settings at the bottom-left of Theme editor.

4:- Select the App Embeds tab under the Theme Settings sidebar.

5:- Now you can see the app extension “GeoIP Country Redirect“, click on the toggle button to enable it.

6:- click on Save.

Here are the steps to add the app’s speedup snippet manually :

1. Go to the theme.liquid in your Shopify store.
2. Copy the below script
3. Paste the script just below the opening tag of the <head> section of the theme.liquid file.

<!--  Spicegems GeoIP Country Redirect speedup  -->
{% assign geospeedup = shop.metafields.geoip_country_r.geoip_country_r_scriptpath %}
{% if geospeedup != "disabled" %}
<script src="{{  shop.metafields.geoip_country_r.geoip_country_r_scriptpath }}" async></script>
{% endif %}
<!--  Spicegems GeoIP Country Redirect speedup  -->

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