Thank you for installing the Spice Order Delivery Date app.

In order to display the Delivery Calendar in the checkout page, you need to install a snippet in your theme, which is quite straightforward.

Step 1:– Copy the Snippet code below or you can also find the same code in the installation instructions page of the app.

<div class="spicegemsodd" id="spicegemsoddappID"></div>

Step 2:- Go to the Online store –> Themes under the Shopify Admin.

Step 3:- Select Actions (Current theme) and click “Edit code”.

Step 4:- Find Cart.json under the Templates folder.

*Note:– In the Shopify Online Store 2.0, each page type is represented as a .json file within the Templates folder of the theme, they are just simply data files that indicate which sections will appear by default on a page, and in what order.

In our theme, we can see that cart.json file have a “cart-items” property, which is the section for that page, and the “type” property is used to identify the name of the included file.

Step 5:- Search for the cart-items section file name (main-cart-items) in the Sections folderIn our theme, the file name is “main-cart-items.liquid“. It may vary depending upon the theme.

Step 6:- Find the  <form> tag and the </form> tag in the file. Paste the snippet above  </form> and save the changes.

You can now find the calendar displayed on the cart page of your store.


  1. If you haven’t installed Calendar from the app using autometic installation feature then the app will not be able to display the calender in the cart page. The snippet must be installed in the cart page to display the calendar.
  2. Sometimes theme does not support automatic installation feature so in this case the snippet must be installed in the cart page to display the calendar.
  3. If you want to set the calendar in a specific position on the cart page, then you can paste the snippet accordingly where you want to display the calendar on the cart page inside the <form></form> tag

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