To display the Delivery Calendar on the checkout page, you can integrate the snippet manually in your theme.

Step 1:– Copy the below-shared snippet code:-

(same code is available on the installation instructions page in the app)

<div class="spicegemsodd" id="spicegemsoddappID"></div>

Step 2:- Go to the Online store –> Themes>Shopify Admin.

Step 3:- Select Actions (Current theme) and click “Edit code”.

Step 4:- Find main-cart-items.liquid in the Sections folder. It may differ depending on the theme’s structure.

Step 5:- Find the  </form> tag in the file. Paste the snippet above  </form> tag and save the changes.

You can now find the calendar displayed on the cart page of your store.

Please note that the calendar will only work when it is placed inside the form.

The calendar is now visible on the cart page.

For any issues feel free to reach us at