Video Instructions for creating Cross-sell in the app:

Text Instructions for creating Cross-sell in the app:

Creating Cross-sells in the app is quite straight forward. Here are the steps involved:

STEP 1: You can create cross-sell by clicking on “Attach Cross-sell to the products” tab under the “Dashboard” in the app.

STEP 2:To create a cross-sell you need to select a Master product. The cross-sell products will be displayed on the selected Master product page.

STEP 3:The next step would be selecting child products(cross-sell items) which you want to display as cross-sell on the Master product page.

To do this simply enter the name and click on the product which you want to select as a cross-sell and the selection will be auto-saved.

Repeat the Step 3 to add more child products.

Note: While selecting the products to create cross-sell, please input at least two alphabets of their name to search them.

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