In this post, we will discuss the compatibility of language translation apps with the Product Addons.

Sometimes, the language translation apps do not work with the text displayed for the addon product by our app.

The reason behind this is the dynamic content generated by JavaScript which is not detected by the translation apps.

However, a few apps have an option to support this type of content by making a few changes under their app settings.

We are listing the apps which are fully compatible with the Product Addons along with the steps to integrate them.

Translate Your Store ‑ Weglot

1) Go to your store’s front end and right-click to pull up the menu and click on “Inspect” to pull up the inspect panel on your screen

2) You will se a following panel.

3) Make sure you click on the selector and select the area which is not translating by placing your cursor over it (It should highlight)

4) A .class or #ID should appear:

5) Go to your Weglot app’s “Edit my translations” option.

6) Add the dynamic content (related) .class or #id you want to translate in the dedicated field:

If you enter a class, you will need to add a period (.) before the text & a hashtag (#) for an ID.

Simply, copy and paste the below selectors of the Product Addons app.

#spiceaddonsappid, .sg-pro-access-product, .spicegems-qv-modal-body, .spicegems-addon-btn

7) Finally, click on “Save Changes”

Please note that you may have to clear your browser cache and then refresh the page to see if your content is translated.

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