Video instructions for setting up the app:

Text instructions for setting up the app:

Step 1: Enable the app under the “configurationtab.

Step 2: Under the same tab select the theme which is added in your store and click on “save”.

Step 3: Order the variant images.

After making changes in the app now, we need to make changes to the Shopify product admin panel.

Arrange the images such that all the images belonging to a particular variant should be together in a sequence you want them to be displayed and repeat it for all the variants.

In the below screenshot all the images of “black” caps are placed together followed by the “white” and “blue” color variants.

Select 4: Select the variant image.

After arranging the images in the groups, we need to assign the images to the variants.

Please note that the first image of the group should be assigned to the variant.

The highlighted images in the screenshot are assigned to the variants.

CLICK HERE to see the app in action.

Follow steps 3 and 4 for the other products listed in your store.

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