UTM parameters are specific text strings that you can append to URLs that allow you to track those URLs when they get clicked on. UTM parameters make Google Analytics pick up on the data in the code and log it with the pageview.

Interpretation of a UTM Code:

A UTM-free URL might look something like this:


But the whole URL including the UTM code looks like this:

https://spicegems.com/spicegems-contact-us/?utm_source= GeoIP_Country_Redirect&utm_medium=US_Redirect_Rule&utm_campaign=popup

How to add UTM parameters in the app?

Adding UTM parameters in the app is quite straightforward. To add, you need to click on Advance settings while creating or editing the rule. Our app allows you to add three UTM fields.

UTM Source: The individual site within that channel. tracks where the traffic is coming from. That usually means the website the traffic came from, or the name of the social channel, you can use the name of the redirect rule here. For eg. “US_Redirect_Rule”.

UTM Medium: Think of this as a channel. So, our app has 2 options for redirecting the visitors Auto redirect and POPUP/Banner. We recommend in our app you can set it as “auto-redirect” or “POPUP/Banner”.

UTM Campaign: The specific campaign that you’re running. Feel free to fill this in however it makes sense to you. In our app we recommend you to use the name of our app “GeoIP_Country_Redirect”.

utm_term= Identifies search terms.
utm_content= Identifies what specifically was clicked to bring the user to the site, such as a banner ad or a text link.
*Available for new installation only.

What will happen to my already existing UTM parameters?

Keeping the already existing UTM parameters is very crucial as per business needs. To manage it, we have a feature in the app using which original parameters will be forwarded.

By enabling the UTM forward option, the already existing UTMs will work. However, in case there are no existing UTMs the parameters created in the app will be added.

If the UTM forward is disabled (unchecked), only the UTM parameters in the app will be forwarded.

Let’s understand the UTM forward feature when enabled:

If you have an existing UTM campaign running on- let’s say for Instagram.

1. utm_campaign=Final_sale
2. utm_source= Instagram

You have also set up the UTM parameters for the visitors redirecting to the US store.

1. utm_campaign= GeoIP_Country_Redirect
2. utm_source= US_Redirect_Rule
3. utm_medium=autoredirect

The resulting URL will contain the following parameters.

The priority will be given to the existing parameters and in case if any is missing our app will add to the URL.

1. utm_campaign=Final_sale (Already existing)

2. utm_source= Instagram (Already existing)

3. utm_medium=autoredirect (Added by the app)

If you face any difficulty please contact us at help@spicegems.com