GeoIP Country Blocker app is the perfect traffic safeguard which allows you to control your online store’s inbound traffic by blocking visitors from different countries.

Our app allows you to block visitors to access your store by automatically detecting their location based on the IP Address.

When a blocked country user visits your store, then he/she will be immediately redirected to the Blocked page or URL.

It makes a great addition to your store for preventing visitors from countries where you don’t serve.

How does our app work?

Our app detects the visitor’s location via IP address and points them to the blocked page or URL as per the countries selected within the app.

To achieve it, our app uses a database from Maxmind which has the best accuracy among the various Geo-location databases.

App features:

1, Choice for pointing the visitors to the customized page or a whole different URL.

2. Our app offers both Pre-designed templates as well as customization options for the landing page.

3. The app allows Admin to block visitors by selecting the countries as well as continents.

4. Setting up the app is super simple and requires no modification to the store theme.