In this post I am going to cover the topic on how to test the redirect rules after setting up the app.

Let’s consider a scenario:

I’m running a store with the GeoIP country Redirect installed on it.

The app is set up so that the US and Canadian visitors will be displayed a POPUP to get redirected to their country store i.e.

It is difficult for me to test the redirect rules because I am located in India.

In order to test the redirect rules for different country locations, we will make use of the VPN extension.

A VPN app or extension allows you to set virtual location to the browser. So, using it you can test the behavior of your store for other country visitors.

Here are the steps involved:

Step 1. Install a VPN app or extension. In our case, we are using the HOLA VPN. You can install it using the link

Step 2. Make sure the app is enabled on your store.

Step 3. Visit your store and set the country in the VPN for which you want to test the redirect rules.

In our case, we are visiting with the country selected as the “US” in the VPN.

Step 4. The POPUP is displayed as per the selected country in the VPN. Click on “YES” to redirect or “NO” to stay on the same store.

Please note that when the visitors click Yes/No button then it is saved in the cookies.

Step 5. Clear the browser cookies and Repeat step 3 by selecting the country location as CANADA in the VPN.

Step 6. Sometimes, due to the browser cookies, the VPN does not set an accurate location. So, in order to get the best results clear the browser cookies before testing the redirect rules with the VPN.

Similarly, you can test the redirect rules for other countries as per your requirements.

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