Shipping costs are often “unexpected.” Because shipping costs usually aren’t displayed until during the checkout process due to which customers feel mislead by the added cost.

Abandoned shopping carts are the bane of e-commerce. It’s obvious the shopper is interested in the product after all; they made it all the way to the checkout page before leaving the store.

To overcome this problem we designed our app “GeoIP Shipping Rate Calculator” using which you can display shipping rates at the cart page. Displaying shipping rates at the cart prevents a customer from being surprised by shipping charges added at the end of the order.

How our app works:

The app displays the shipping rates at the cart page based on the customer’s geolocation which is automatically tracked by the app using their IP addresses. The shipping rates are displayed along with a map showing customer location.

Our app features:

  • The app automatically fetches and displays the shipping rates created in the Shopify admin panel. This eliminates the need to set up the shipping rates in the app.
  • Easily customize the colors of the Shipping rates box and the fonts to match the look of your store theme.
  • Our app shows all available price-based and weight-based rates on the cart page.
  • For the seamless user experience, the customers are provided an option to choose a different location for checking their shipping rates.
  • Setting up the app is super simple and comes with the auto as well as manual installation.
  • The app contains an option to translate the customer-facing interface of the app in your desired language to match with the other content of your store.

For any enquiry or assistance related to our app, simply contact us on our email:

We are committed to providing our customers with a fantastic experience, and your feedback helps us make that possible.