Showcasing images on the page is more essential than ever. However, there are so many images which take a considerable time to load.

Your page may have 200 images but you don’t want to show all of them on a single page or it will take an extremely long time to load and it may affect the overall experience of visiting the website.

We have recognized this behavior in website visitors and have implemented the different technique to display images in the most intuitive way while still providing the number of images some visitors may require.

We have introduced the “load more” feature in the gallery to display images on click of the button which will result in the seamless user experience.

Using the feature you can control the images displayed initially (before “load more” button click) and can also set the image count on a single click of the “Load more” button.

Refer to the demo URL displaying Load more feature with the initial image count “12” and images displayed on a single click is “8”.

Load more settings:

1.  Enable/disable “load more” button– You can enable the “load more” button by simply checking the box. Uncheck the box to disable it.

2. Images displayed before “load more” button click– Using this option, you can set the initial image count on the page when it loads.

3. Images displayed on a single “load more” button click– Using this option, you can set the  number of images displayed on a single click of “load more” button.

4. Button label – Using this option you can change the label of the button. The button can also be decorated using the custom CSS codes.

Please click “save changes” button after updating any setting.

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