To speed-up the load time of the addons please follow the steps:

1) Go to Settings -> Speed-up Addons menu in the app.

2) Copy the URL displayed on the page.

3) Paste the URL in the head section of your store’s theme.liquid file.

Note: The speedup URL should be added before the closing of the head tag </head>.

How the addons load speed is improved by adding speedup script in the theme?

By default, Shopify loads the app’s script asynchronously i.e. after finishing the page load. As a result it takes a few seconds to load the addon products.  

So once we paste the app js (script) in the head section of the store’s theme, the add-on products will load as soon as the page starts loading.

This will result in notable decrease in the load time of addon Products.

*Please refer to the video tutorial to install the speedup snippet.

Speeding up the load time of the addons on the product page from SpiceTech IT Solutions on Vimeo.

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