Video Instructions for Creating Addons

Please refer to the video tutorial showing the steps to create addons.

Text Instructions for Creating Addons

Creating Addons in the app is an easy process. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Easy Product Addons App – Enable the App Embed by clicking on the ‘Go To Theme Editior’ button. In the theme, click on the Save button to activate the app.

2. To create addons, click on ‘Attach Addons to the Products’.

3. The next step is to search for the master product (for which you want to create addons) and select it. Then search for the addons product you want to connect with the master product and add them.

4. When the addons are added on by one, they will be saved automatically in the app.

Note: While selecting the products to create add-ons, please input at least two alphabets of their name to search them.