Delivery Available Day

The delivery available day let’s you choose your business days when you can ship your order. Let’s say your business days are only from Monday – Friday, then you can choose only particular days and in the remaining days in this case, Saturday and Sunday, the customer will not be able to choose those particular days.

To be precise, if a customer is placing an order on Friday, they will only be able to choose the next shipping day from Monday.

Also, the delivery Lead Time is also automatically adjusted based on the available days.

If a customer is placing the order on Friday and the Delivery lead time is 3 days, then the next Delivery Date option available will be from Thursday.  


Black Out Days

If you do not want to ship on particular days like Memorial days, Halloween, Black Friday you can simply add them to your customer. In a more precise manner it’s just like restricting the delivery dates for your customer.

If you are running out of stock and cannot ship on a particular week you can also use the Blackout days as a workaround.