The main functionality of the ODD app is to provide your customer with a flexibility to choose a delivery date as per their requirement. The customer can choose a date on the cart page when they want their order to be shipped. This app is useful to users who ship their products from their own warehouses or kitchens, to allow their customers to schedule a gift delivery or a meal plan as per requirement. The use cases applicable are numerous.

The interesting part here would be we can customize the delivery based on the shipping times you are available or ready to ship and give the customer an option to choose between the same.

You can also offer same day/ next day delivery options with our ODD app by using the cut-off settings available within the app.

Why ODD?

  • Easily manage your orders and schedule your deliveries accordingly.
  • You will never again miss a fulfillment deadline.
  • No coding skills required.
  • Be upfront about your delivery dates and make your customer happy.