FAQ: How can I Enable/Disable the app?

ANS: Go to App Settings → General Settings → Choose between App is enabled or App is disabled.


FAQ: Is it mandatory for a customer to choose the date?

ANS: You can choose whether your customer must select the delivery date or not. They can proceed to the checkout either by selecting or not selecting the delivery dates as per your choice.
To enable this feature, App Settings → Require Date Settings → Yes(Mandatory) |→ No (Choice)


FAQ: How can I filter and export my orders?

ANS: You can export all your orders based on the filters you require. You can filter your orders based on Fulfillment Status, Payment Status, and Delivery Status. On the top, you can find the export option. You can export your current search i.e., the filtered search and also the current page i.e., all the orders on that page.

Example of an exported file

FAQ: Can you help me with the installation of the ODD app?

ANS: Yes please email us at help@spicegems.com and provide us staff access to your Themes section.

FAQ: Does the Order Delivery Date app work with cart drawer or popup?

ANS: No, the Order Delivery Date app does not work with cart drawer or popup cart or AJAX cart. The app only works if the cart type is set to page, i.e., the customer after adding the product to the cart should be redirected to the cart page. 

FAQ: Is it possible to speed up the load time of the calendar?

ANS: Yes it is possible to update the load time of the calendar. Please refer to this link here – Speed Up Script Tutorial