The Spice Order Delivery Date app makes it easy for you to streamline your shipping process as per the customer requirement. With the app, you can easily set of the cutoff, delivery lead time for the order, the calendar is displayed to the customer according to these options you choose within the app. Let us take a look at them in detail.

Delivery Date Label

The Delivery Date Label can be customizable as per your need. You can put in text like – “Please choose Delivery Date”

Cut Off

The cut off time is used to define a certain time until when you can accept same day delivery order. Orders placed after the cut off time are automatically moved to the next day, as the customer cannot choose the same day date if the time has passed.

Let’s say you are a bakery selling cakes and you ship or deliver your cakes regularly. If a customer places an order it takes around an hour for your to prepare the cake and about 30 mins to deliver. You close your bakery kitchen at 5 PM in the evening and do not want to deliver after 5 PM, then in the cut off option in the app, you need to choose 5 PM.

Now a customer is placing an order at 4.55 PM, the customer will still be able to choose the same day date as he is ordering before your cut off time i.e., 5 PM. But if a customer is placing an order at 5.05 PM, he will not be able to choose the same day date and he will only be able to choose the next day date and further as the cut of time already passed.

Delivery Lead Time

The delivery lead time can be simply used to define the number of days you require to process an order and ship.

Let’s say you sell custom handmade products and the processing time for an order is 2 days, then the order placed on 1st will not be available for shipping before 3rd. So in the calendar, the customer can choose from 4th and after but not before 4th.

IMPORTANT NOTE – If you accept same day delivery, then the delivery lead time will be 0.