With the Product Kits app, you can keep a track of the inventory of your raw material which is used to make your final product. The Product Kits app will help you to manage the inventory of the final product and the raw material products simultaneously.

You can calculate the number of units(in their respective measurements) of the final product which can be made using the inventory of the raw materials available.

You can also easily hide the raw material products from your online store so that the customer will only see the final product and the raw materials individually which are used to make the final product. You can simply hide all the child products from the sales channel and it will not affect the bundle and the inventory calculation in any case.

Be a bakery, a cosmetics company or a yarn selling company, the Product Kits app can be utilized as per many use cases.

Here is one of the use case for a cosmetics company –

Let’s say you are a cosmetics company, manufacture and sell a Face Wash. So to make a Face Wash, the raw materials you would require are a Facewash gel, a glass bottle, and a cap. The quantity of Facewash gel in each unit is 4oz.

IMPORTANT NOTE – While considering the measuring units to calculate the inventory you need to choose the least unit to measure. In terms of weight it will be grams, volume it would be ounces and fluids it would be ml.

Now, let’s say you have 1 Gallon of Facewash gel and you would like to calculate how many units of Facewash you could build your existing inventory.

Here goes the calculation –

1 Gallon = 128 oz  

The quantity of Facewash gel we use is 4oz.

So the number of Facewash units that can be made are = 128/4 = 32 units. Which also requires 32 units of glass bottles and 32 units of caps.

So here are the steps to be followed –

  1. You need to have all the child products separately – Facewash Gel, Facewash Glass Bottle, Facewash Cups. You need to have all the inventory managed here.
    For the Facewash Gel, remember you need to have the inventory tracked in the lowest unit. Let’s say you have 0.5 Gallons of gel, then the inventory you need to enter will be 64.

  2. You need to create a Master product in Shopify which is the final Facewash Product and make sure you have SHOPIFY TRACKS INVENTORY FOR THIS PRODUCT checked.
  3. Now in the Product Kits app, select the master product as the Facewash Product and then add the child products as Facewash gel, Facewash Glass Bottle, and Facewash Caps. And in the quantity section, enter the respective quantities to make one complete unit of Facewash product i.e., 4,1,1.
  4. Now, with the respective inventory quantities, the app automatically calculates the final inventory.

In short, Product Kits can just handle your raw material inventory with ease.