In this tutorial, I will explain how to create caption in the spice image gallery.

You can simply add captions on your Images in the Spice Image Gallery. Let’s discuss on we can actually play with the uber-cool caption features of the Spice Image Gallery.

Currently, for the caption settings, we have the following customizations available.

Caption Type

There are two types of Caption types available for the gallery

  1. Fade In Full :-  Here the captions are displayed on the image with an overlay color you choose. You can also set the font size and add hyperlinks to all the images along with the captions. The caption is only visible when the mouse hovers over the image and the hyperlink pops up when the image is clicked.
  2. Standard:-  Here the captions stick to the bottom of the image and are always displayed on the bottom part of the image with an overlay color you choose. You can also set the font size to all the images along with the captions for this caption type too.

Caption Font Size

You can set the Font Size according to the caption. The default font size is 18 px. However, please note that different font size cannot be used for different images. We can only use one font size for all the images.

Caption Overlay Color

You can also set the overlay colors for the caption according to you.

Bulk Edit Images 

We understand how difficult it is to edit every image and add the captions. So we have this feature of adding captions to all the images at once in a single page. Just click on the Bulk Edit Images option you can add captions all images of a gallery at a time.

For more help, please refer to the following video tutorial: