When you have a large number of bundles to create, then you can use our clone feature. With this clone feature, you can create bundles very quickly.

Let’s say you have two bundles A and B with same child products C, D, and E. In this case you need to create Bundle A with child products C, D, and E and Bundle B with child products C, D, and E. Here only the Master product changes but not the child products.

So, to make this process simple, you can create the clone feature. Once after you create Bundle A, you can clone it and select Bundle B as the master product. The clone feature copies the child products of selected bundle into new bundle and you can add or delete the child products according to your requirement in newly created bundle


Note that any child product can be added in multiple bundles as a child product but a master product cannot be used more than once.

Refer to this Example: Here Geometry Box(Green) consists of Pencil, Pen, and Eraser. Now, we want to create a bundle for Geometry Box(Black) with same Pencil, Pen, and Eraser. See how easily we can achieve this with the clone feature.