A Redirect Rule has the following data associated with it

  1. Rule Name
  2. Visitor Countries
  3. Store URL
  4. Store Name

Let’s discuss each of the above in detail

Rule Name

This is nothing but the name of the rule. Give the rule a name that is easy to remember and intuitive.

Visitor Countries

Here you can define the visitor countries to which these rules will apply.  So if you enter the USA, Canada, and Spain in the country box, the rule will only trigger if a visitor belongs to one of these countries.

Store URL

This is the URL of the store to which the visitor will be redirected. So if you want Canadian visitors to get redirected to the  Canada store, simply enter Canada in the Visitor Countries box and the Canada store domain in the Store URL box

Store Name

It’s the name of the store where the user will be redirected. This name is available for you to use in the display settings. Please, refer to this post to learn about how to use this effectively.