Let’s get started with creating and using the redirect rules.

It is recommended to read an interpretation of the redirect rule before you move ahead.

Now let’s say you are running two stores.

One for Canada and One for the USA. The US-based store also acts as a global store

In this case, you can use the App to achieve the following

  • All Canadian visitors to the USA stores are redirected to the Canada-specific Store.
  • All US visitors to the Canada store are redirected to the US-specific store.
  • All visitors visiting the Canada store from outside the USA are directed to the USA store as it is also meant for the global audience.

Here are the instructions:

Install the app on both USA and Canada stores and configure it accordingly.

Configure the App on the Canada Store

Install the App on the Canada store and create the following Redirect rule

Rule 1

All visitors excluding Canada are redirected to the USA store. If a visitor is coming from outside of Canada then he should be redirected to the USA store. 

To create this type of exception-based Redirect Rule we need to add multiple countries in the rule, and to do this we use Alpha-2 codes.

For this, we added Alpha-2 codes for all countries excluding Canada in the rule.

Here is the link where you can see Alpha-2 codes of all countries with respective continents.

Alpha-2 country codes

Configure the App on the USA store

Create the following rules

Rule 1

Canada Visitors are redirected to the Canada store. This rule is self-explanatory

This is it. Now your Canadian, American and global visitors will be redirected to the stores best suited for them.

If you face any difficulty please contact us at help@spicegems.com