The App supports 2 display types. Only one display can be active at a time.

  1. A Top Bar (Banner)
  2. A Pop-up Box
  • Display a custom message

Display a custom message for both the display type.  The custom message contains the following dynamic keys

  1. [country-name] 
  2. [store-name]

This will let you display messages like:

“Looks like you are from Canada. Would you like to visit our Canadian Store?”

“Looks like you are from Australia. Would you like to visit our Australian Store?”

“Looks like you are from Spain. Would you like to visit our European Store?”

  • Customize the Look

You can customize the color scheme of both display types using custom CSS rules.

  • Yes and No Buttons

The Yes button will ensure that the visitor is redirected to the corresponding URL. Pressing on the NO button will hide the popup and visitors will NOT be redirected.

It is possible to customize the text of both buttons.

  • Display your brand logo 

The PopUp Box display type supports the Image logo. Simply enter the URL of the logo and it will appear on the Popup Box.

Check out our Customized Popup Gallery

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