If you deal in handmade / assembled items then you can use the Product kits App to keep track of the components inventory which make up the final product.

For Example:

  1. A Bakery can keep track of Flour, Sugar and Cream consumed in creating a cake. You will simply select Cake as master SKU and Flour, Sugar and Cream as child sku and enter respective quantity. So after each sale, the App will adjust the inventory of Flour, Sugar and Cream accordingly.  So if you run out of sugar, the customer wont be able to order a cake.
  2. Similarly a jewelry shop can keep track of the components inventory used in building a Necklace.

In short , you can define the Assembled item as Master product and components as child products and app will automatically keep track of inventory

Here are a few quick tutorials and use cases where Raw Materials can be easily tracked.

Use Cases