It is also possible to create quantity breaks with the Product Kits app.   Here is an example

Buy Pack of T Shirts

In the above example , a customer can buy a pack of 5, 10,25,50 or 100 t shirts. Each pack has a different price based on the number of t-shirts selected.  You can keep track of the inventory with the Product Kits App.  Here is how it can be donw

  1. There are 5 product variants.  5 T-Shirt Pack, 10 T-Shirt Pack , 25 T-Shirt Pack, 50 T-Shirt Pack and 100 T-Shirt Pack
  2. Create 5 bundles selecting a variant as a master product for every bundle.  Example: Select 5 t shirt pack as master , select a single t shirt as a child product and enter quantity as 5. Repeat this for every variant
  3. Now the App will keep track of inventory automatically. So if some one buys a 100 t shirt pack, the app will deduct 100 from the t shirt product.
  4. Similarly if there are only 40 t shirts left, the 50 t-shirt pack and 100 t-shirt pack will become unavailable for purchase.

Pls take note that in above example we have hidden the quantity box. Currently it is not possible to let customer enter a quantity value. So App cannot handle the case where user get x% discount if selected quantity is greater than Y

App will work well if you sell packs with predefined quantity.