The Product Kits app lets you combine and group multiple products and sell them as a bundle or a kit. Creating a Bundle or a Kit is quite straight forward. Here are the steps involved. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can easily create bundles using the app.

An example store selling Grooming Products

Let’s say you sell grooming products for men. You sell various products like Shaving Brush, Shaving Foam, Deodorants, Razors etc.

Now that the store is doing well, you now decide to sell a Shaving Kit which is made up of Shaving Brush, Shaving Foam, and Razor.  All these products are sold separately in your store, but you now want to combine them into one product or bundle – One Shaving Kit Bundle.

Here are the steps to create a bundle with the Product Kits app –

  • Create a Bundle Product in Shopify

First, create the Master(bundle) product in Shopify. So, in this case, you will create a  Shaving Kit product in Shopify. This will be the bundle product which will be purchased by the customer.

The app lets you select an Existing Shopify Product as the master (bundle) product and assign child products to it.

  1. Bundle Inventory – Enter any arbitrary number in the Inventory Box. The Bundle inventory will be calculated by the app and will be updated automatically.
  2. Bundle Price – Since the Bundle is a Shopify product, you can set its price. Please take a note that the app does not calculate/adjust the price of the bundle dynamically, the price has to be set by the Store admin only.

Please take a note that we sometimes refer to the Bundle product as the Master Product.

  • Associate the Bundle Product and the Child Products

The Shaving Kit bundle in this example is made up of 3 separate products.  We will now utilize the Product Kits app to make the association between the Master (bundle) Product and the Child Products.

Creating a Bundle in the app consists of 3 steps

  1. Select  Master Product
  2. Select Child Products and enter respective quantities
  3. Save!!

Note: The child SKU are also pulled from Shopify. Both the Master Product and the Child products are pulled from Shopify

In this case, we will select  Shaving Kit as the Bundle / Master Product and then select Shaving Brush, Shaving Foam, and Razor as the child products.  Refer to the below GIF Image

The app will automatically calculate the bundled inventory based on the inventory of child products. You can see that the app has automatically calculated the inventory of the bundle based on the inventory of child products.

Product Kits - Create a Bundle


  • Inventory Calculation

The Bundle product inventory is automatically calculated by the app. The Bundle inventory is based on the inventory of child products.

In this particular case, the Shaving Kit has 1 quantity each of  Shaving Brush, Shaving Foam, and Razor. So let’s say there are 5 Brush, 10, Foam and 3 razors in stock, then the app will calculate Shaving Kit inventory as 3. In case a Child Product goes out of stock, the app will mark bundle inventory as 0.   The inventory is updated after every order.