If you run a successful e-commerce store then you know that generating and sending a Returns shipping label to the customer is an integral part of the whole return process.

Handling label generation manually can be time-consuming, so we built this feature which lets you generate and send shipping labels from within the App.

Here are the instructions.

Connect the App to Shippo

The First Step is to connect the RMS App with Shippo.  For those who don’t know, Shippo is a Shipping API provider. We currently support Shippo and plan to integrate with EasyPost in the near future.

In order to connect with Shippo, you will need to enter your API credentials and then connect the App. Once the App is connected you can simply select the Carrier of your choice.  Here is a screenshot

Shipping Settings Screen

Fill in the Warehouse Details

This is the address where you will receive the returns shipment.  So if Google uses the RMS App this is what they will fill in the Warehouse detail screen

Warehouse Address Detail Screen Shot

Generate the Label

Now that we have successfully configured the App, we can start with label generation. A label can be generated for any approved Returns Request. Simply click on the Edit Request button. There you will see a Generate Labels  Tab. Simply follow the wizard to generate the Label.

Customizing the Email Notification

You can customize the content of the notification mail which is used for sending label to the customer.  It can be found under Settings -> Notification Settings