In this post will talk about different type of notifications sent by the RMS App. The system sends notifications on following events

  • Approving a Return Request
  • Denying the Return Requests
  • Changing Items status

Let us discuss them in detail

  • Approving a Return Request

When a customer files a return request, it is marked as “Pending”.  It is then up to Shop Owner to either Approve or Decline the Request. In both cases, the app sends out a notification email to the customer. Admin can customize the email subject/text and can also turn off the notification. The approval notification is an ideal way to send the customer information about the RMA number and the return process.

Please take note that it also possible to set the app to Auto-Approve the requests.  The app sends the notification email in case of Auto Approval also.

  • Declining a Return Request

The app triggers an email when a request is declined. It is possible to turn off the email and customize the mail text.

  • Changing Item Status

The app can also trigger a notification email when the status of a return request is changed. The idea behind item status notification email is to notify customer on progress of their return request status. It is possible to customize and turn off the notifications. Please refer to this post to understand better about Item Status Feature.