Return Management System supports creating Return Rules to cut down on the Support Requests. More specifically, the system supports 2 types of return rules.

  • Specify a time window for filing a return and
  • Have certain non-returnable items.

Let us look at these 2 features in detail

1. The Applicable time window

As the name suggests, this features allows you to define a time window (in days) for creating a return. The time is calculated from the day of order creation. So if a customer tries to create a return after the time window has passed, the system will display a “Return Window Expired” message

2. Product Exclusion

It is also possible to exclude a certain category of product from returns. The system allows you to select products by Collections. So If a product belongs to the excluded category, the system will not allow the customer to include that product in the return request.  You can display a custom notification message explaining why the product is not eligible for return.

3. Rules Overriding

Sometimes you might need to override rules to satisfy that angry customer on the phone. The return rules are not applicable when the Shop Owner creates a return from the Admin Panel.

In other words, admin can create a return request for the excluded product even after the return window has expired.